Monday, April 6, 2009

In my own little world

 I spend so much time thinking and sorting all the flashes of creative thought and fantasy that enter my mind. It's like being in my own little world of conversations, my own motion picture. One thought enters and I'm sitting in New York city at Da Silvanos restaurant having a beautiful plate of homemade pasta as Silvano himself is pouring some Nero D'Avola wine into two glasses. One for him and one for me. He's telling me about the recent trip he and his wife took to Italy and how they fall in love all over again not only with the country but with each other.
  Then all of a sudden my mind wanders to India and I imagine the smell of the streets filled with the aromas of toasted spices and the anticipation of eating fresh hot Naan. I see so many beautiful faces. Great big smiles. Hands of all sizes reaching out for some sign of charity. But, all is good. I am grateful and blessed. At that moment, I wish I had a bag filled with gold coins and I wish to find an immediate solution to end world hunger. "One day", a small voice whispers from within,"one day no one will go hungry".
  After a long deep breath and within a flash, I'm back in Switzerland. Actually, in Lausanne at a lake front restaurant. I'm sitting outside on the flower filled terrace that overlooks the lake. The sun is warm but the light breeze is refreshing. Once again, my wine glass is full. Placed before me is perfectly grilled fresh Perch drizzled with a floral extra virgin olive oil perhaps from neighboring Liguria. The dish is very simple but unforgetable. The chef is telling me how the fish was caught no more the an hour ago... Wait, a sigh. I must hold on before I go any further and start to fantasize about dessert, I must come back to reality and center myself again. Oh! but why must I? I like my own little world...

Until we eat again, Maude

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Loosing my Virginity

 I love it when I have finally figured things out.  Like setting up my new blog when I really don't know much about computers. God knows it's taken me several hours. I feel like I've reach that milestone and that nothing can stop me now. No more fear, no more excuses, no more anything. I'm  a blogger now. I get to experiment and express myself and see where this takes me. It's like loosing my virginity. I cant go backwards and say that I've never "did it"... and now that I have,I don't want to. 

  I'm looking forward to sharing with you my passion for all things culinary and the lifestyle and experiences that comes with it. I'm excited to engage in conversation and be challenged by you and for you to share your passions and experiences with me. So, from one food lover to another, stay tuned...
 Maude  aka... The Diva