Monday, June 27, 2011

Moon light on 3800 Ocean

Moon light on 3800 Ocean…a Dean J Max signature restaurant.

There are some moments that qualify being put into the memory books… Friday evening’s South Florida Foodies event at 3800 Ocean,a Dean Max restaurant is one of them.

From the conception of the menu with Chef Larry LaValley to the day of the event, everything was just Perfect!

The nights started with a glass of Prosecco and pass bites such as Corn soup with peeky toe crab toast, bruschetta of beets and Coach Farm goat cheese, and potato rosti topped with Florida sustainable caviar…. This was definitely a prelude of what came next.

Guests mingled, introduced themselves to one another and it was evident that there was great energy in the room.

We proceeded to dinner.

The main dinning room was set up “Sexy Style” with long tables lined with shiny wine glasses, white linen napkins, tea candles and precious orchids. To top it, the most beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean only feet away. Elegance and simplicity all in one.

Once we all were seated, the wine started pouring. First up, a Cht Ste Michelle Sauvignon Blanc. I introduced the chef to the Foodies and thanked our sponsors for the evening… The anticipation was building…. Mouths were watering.

The first course came out… Ahi Coconut tuna ceviche cilantro, Serrano peppers, green onions and coconut sauce snuggled into a fresh coconut and toped with delicate Mache. This dish was to die for. Refreshing yet intriguing with complex notes of both citrus and coconut…. Divine!

The next course was White water clams B.L.T. with smoky bacon, Swank Farms romaine and spicy baby tomato…. The mild smoke flavor and the perfect balance of acidity provided by the tomatoes complimented the delicate and subtle flavor of the white water clams… The surprise of a drunk piece of grilled bread at the bottom of the bowl closed the deal on palate pleasure. The simplicity of this dish was heightened with the pairing of Cht Ste Michelle Gewurztraminer. Beautiful dance of flavors.

When putting together a menu, I always like to include a salad… But it has to be special, it has to POP! Chef aroused our taste buds with a salad of Grilled nectarines, Swank mixed greens, roasted pine nuts, Winter Park blue cheese and raspberry vinaigrette…. Let’s just say Mmmmm! The blue cheese was tamed and the pine nuts exuberant in flavor. The grilled nectarines provided a delicious textural component to the dish as the mellow yet berrylicious vinaigrette provided a slight sweetness to balance the mixed greens. Perfect way to introduce summer on a plate. Cht Ste Michelle Pinot Gris perfected this course.

Pasta, Pasta, Pasta!!! Only talented chefs can take a few simple fresh ingredients and make something so familiar, into something that you’re going to crave hereafter…

Chef Dean put together jumbo shrimp, mussels, local catch and Rustico al Ceppo in a delightful basil broth. Clean, abundant, eye catching and palate tantalizing! Paired with Cht Ste Michelle Chardonnay and Voila, Perfection!

What came next is sometimes difficult to explain, but happens often. It’s as if a veil of happiness covered us and we all started hugging, laughing, taking pictures and exchanging telephones, planning the next foodie encounter…,So much love in the room. Intoxicating!! The joy of sharing food and wine came to life, making strangers into old friends… It’s a curious thing, but I LOVE IT!

Wait, the feast is not over yet:

This next course was my favorite. Let’s talk haute cuisine, sophistication, depth of flavor and exquisite precision of sublime tastes.

Alaskan day boat halibut, wild mushrooms, Swiss chard, lobster nage, truffle crème, and Siberian caviar … Close your eyes, can you taste it? Transcendence!

The ripe and full essence of the Cht Ste Michelle Merlot paired like soul mates.

There’s still more.

The intermezzo of cucumber granite cleansed the palate and jolted the senses. Pow! Yum! Mmm!

A fabulous meal usually ends with a fabulous dessert… This was no exception. An 18 inch Key lime tart with coconut cream and Florida strawberry jam was placed in the center of each table. Everyone’s eyes opened wide. You could see smiles and the look of anticipation on the Foodies faces. This dessert was outrageous!

The combination of the tart key lime and the coconut was a party in your mouth. If you closed your eyes you could imagine yourself on some tropical island with a breeze in the air and Calypso music in the background, the smell of the ocean and the pleasuring of your senses. Heaven on Earth… The Cht Ste Michelle Riesling completed the dream.

What an incredible night filled with fabulous food, beautiful wines and sound of laughter and the warmth of hearts… just Perfection!

I am forever thankful to Chef Dean Max and Chef Larry LaValley for providing the South Florida Foodies with a night to remember. Your generosity and love of food is beyond words … You guys ROCK!!!!


Also a very special thank you to our sponsors for the evening: Swank Farms, Caviar and Caviar, Jupiter Magazine, Marriott Resort and Chateau Ste Michelle … You guys ROCK!!!!

Maude Eaton

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust!

My Year of intoxicating Elixirs, Love potions and Juices from the Food God above !

A Year of Feasting

I wanted to share a glimpse into My Year In Food. The following are some of the dishes that created palate bliss and memorable Foodgasms. The search for the perfect bite took me to Paris, Miami, New York and Washington D.C.. Of course, not all my favorites made it to the post , but you'll get the idea. More incredible than the food is the wonderful people with whom I shared these "fabulust" feasts. The photos are in no particular order and each holds a special place in My Year in Food. Enjoy!