Monday, July 6, 2009

Nectar of the Gods

Nectar of the Gods.

This is an exotic and intoxicating cocktail that is perfect for luring your guests to the time when white and gold fabric wrapped our bodies and days were spent leisurely around bowls of fruit and flowers perfumed the gentle breezes that caressed our hair....

The Sparkling Rose

3oz SENCE Rose Nectar
4oz Champagne

SENCE RARE EUROPEAN ROSE NECTAR is a Rose nectar made from organic Bulgarian Roses and is great by itself or with sparkling water, Vodka, Tequila and of course Champagne ... 
Your Guests will never forget.

Inhale,   Maude   aka  The Diva

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pleasuring the Senses.

I recently enrolled in a lesson dedicated to pleasuring my senses. I know, it sounds erotic, and It was. Eating and tasting, savoring and swallowing where all parts of what I was instructed to do. First with my eyes open, then with my eyes shut. 
      The lesson: How to taste Chocolate. 
It's a matter of fact, tasting chocolate is an art that involves letting go and using all five senses. There is no holding back, just reckless abandon. I planned on taking my time, so I prepared. First I had to look at the chocolate. What color was it and did it have a sheen. Next, I was instructed to listen. As I broke off a piece, I was to notice the density of the snap. Was it a "crisp" snap or a "blunt" sound? Then, I placed the piece of chocolate between my fingers. I was asked to describe how it felt like in my hands and between my fingers. Was it smooth or brittle? Sticky or grainy? After feeling the surface of the chocolate , I brought the piece up to my nose. Closed my eyes. Inhale. What did it smell like? Did it evoke any memories or did the aromas remind me of something? With my eyes still shut, I placed the chocolate in my mouth. This is where the fun began. I took a small piece, laid it on my tongue and gently pressed my tongue against roof of my mouth. Just light bites until it broke down. I noticed the different texture and flavors play on my palate. Did I sense bitterness, acidity or astringency? With the aromas slowly moving up behind my nasal passages and the perfumes enveloping my head, what did the flavors remind me of? Did the chocolate taste fruity, floral , nutty or like coffee? How did the taste of the gentle roasting effect the cacao? This is when I was able to discern the intensity and complex nature of the chocolate. The flavors lingered long in my mouth and finally opening my eyes, as if coming out of a dream, I realized the pleasure that I had just experienced in a room full of strangers... Intoxicating!

In chocolate,     Maude   aka The Diva